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Lecture 1 Prints (Introduction)
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Lecture 2 Prints (Statics & Mechanics)
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Lecture 3 Prints (Building Codes)
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Lecture 4 Prints (Design and Beams)
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Multiframe Beam Tutorial Video (no sound 8.7 MB)
Lecture 5 Prints (Trusses and Columns)
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Multiframe Truss Tutorial Video (no sound 7.6 MB)
Lecture 6 Prints (Cables and Arches)
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Tacoma Narrows Movie
Lecture 7 Prints (Rigid Frames)
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Multiframe Tutorial
Multiframe Frame Tutorial Video (no sound 9.7 MB)
Multiframe 3D Frame Tutorial Video (no sound 15 MB)
Multiframe Mulitstory Frame Tutorial Video (no sound 19.3 MB)
Lecture 8 Prints (Plates and Grids)
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Lecture 10 Prints (Reinforced Concrete Design)
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Lecture 11 Case Study
Lecture 12 Case Study
Lecture 13 Prints (Membranes, Nets and Shells)
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Lecture 14 Prints (Planning and Design)
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Lecture 15 Prints (Lateral Loads)
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Winds of Change Video
Lecture 16 Prints (Seismic Design)
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Lecture 17 Prints (Connections)
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Lecture 19 Prints (Wood Design)
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Lecture 20 Case Study
Lecture 21 Prints (Steel Design)
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Lecture 22 Case Study
Lecture 23 Prints (Masonry)
Lecture 24 Prints (Foundations)
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Lecture 28 Prints (Supervision)

Note Sets

ARE 4.0 - Structures Components
Complete Note Set Package
Note Set Contents
Student Understandings
Academic Integrity Policy
List of Symbol Definitions
Structural Glossary
2.1 Statics Primer
2.2 Mechanics of Materials Primer
2.3 Conversion Factors and Units of Measurement
3.1 Building Codes
3.2 ASCE Loads
3.3 Material Weights
3.4 IBC Minimum Design Loads
3.5 Code Requirements by Construction
3.6 Example: Load Tracing
4.1 Beam Diagrams
4.2 Beam Analysis Using Multiframe
Multiframe Beam Tutorial Video (no sound 8.7 MB)
4.3 Examples: Beams
5.1 Truss Analysis Using Multiframe
Multiframe Truss Tutorial Video (no sound 7.6 MB)
5.2 Examples: Trusses and Columns
6.1 Brick Arches
6.2 Examples: Cables and Arches
7.1 Simplified Frame Analysis
7.2 Frame Analysis Using Multiframe
Multiframe Frame Tutorial Video (no sound 9.7 MB)
Multiframe 3D Frame Tutorial Video (no sound 15 MB)
Multiframe Multi-story Frame Tutorial Video (no sound 19.3 MB)
7.3 Examples: Rigid Frames
8.1 Coefficient Frame Method
8.2 Concrete Floor Systems
8.3 Openings in Concrete Slab Systems
8.4 Examples: Plate and Grids
10.1 Reinforced Concrete Design
10.2 One-way Joists
10.3 Skip-Joists
10.4 Examples: Reinforced Concrete
11 Case Study in Reinforced Concrete
13.1 Membrane Materials
13.2 Examples: Membranes, Nets & Shells
14 Areas Where Teaching Structures Should be Strengthened
15.1 Wind Design Basics
15.2 Simplified Design Wind Pressures
15.3 Residential Building Loads (Wind)
15.4 The "100-Year Flood"
15.5 Examples: Wind Loading
16.1 Building Safer Structures
16.2 Seismic Design
16.3 Earthquake History of Texas
16.4 Earthquake Ground Motion
16.5 Checklists for Sesimic Design
16.6 Examples: Sesimic Loading
17.1 Connection and Tension Member Design
17.2 Examples: Connections and Tension Members
19.1 Timber Design
19.2 Laminated Timber Design
19.3 Examples: Timber
20 Case Study in Timber
21.1 Steel Design
21.2 Steel Joist Specifications
21.3 Examples: Steel
22 Case Study in Steel
23.1 Masonry Design
23.2 Examples: Masonry
24.1 Foundations - Soils
24.2 Foundations - Structure
24.3 Examples: Foundations
28.1 Supervision Practices
28.2 US Historical Structures

Exam Study Material

Tips for Success
Sample Exam
Guide 1
Activities for Guide 1
Guide 2
Activities for Guide 2
Guide 3
Activities for Guide 3
Study Guide (Final)
Activities for Final Guide
Structural Glossary


Calibrated Peer Review Description
CPR Student Handout
CPR Assignment Results
Calibrated Peer Review Website
Using Website
Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Calibrated Peer Review 1
Assignment 3
Assignment 4
Example Frame Model File (download)
Assignment 5
Calibrated Peer Review 2
Assignment 6
Assignment 7
Calibrated Peer Review 3
Assignment 8
Assignment 9
Assignment 10
Term Project - Case Study
Creating Reviewer Friendly Text and Graphics
Case Evaluation Criteria
Group Evaluations (only on eCampus)
Example Report
Learning Evaluation
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