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  What is Green Roof ?   Benefits of Green Roof :
A green roof is a vegetated roof or deck designed to provide urban greening for buildings, people, or the environment. Green roofs are constructed from layers of materials such as waterproofing, root protection, drainage, growing media and plants. Research about how green roofs can be applied across North American ecoregions is needed to understand not only their design and construction, but their benefits and maintenance needs as well. Our Interdisciplinary Green Roof Research Group was established to better understand the application of green roofs to central Texas.
  • Reduced volume of stormwater runoff
  • Delayed stormwater runoff
  • Increased life span of roofing membranes
  • Energy conservation/urban heat island
  • Increase biodiversity and wildlife habitat
  • Improved aesthetic value
  • Mitigation of air pollution
  • Noise reduction
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Green Roof Research Plots on the Langford Building

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