Courses taught:

ARTS 311 Photography
Explore the world of visual design around us using wet photography in a photolab. Students will also learn how to scan images and prepare images digitally with PhotoShop. Student will create an exhibit of prints for gallery view.

ENDS 374 Multimedia
Learn to make interactive multimedia that includes animation, digital graphics, sound and video for a kiosk; simple game production also explored. The course also deals graphics production.

ENDS 474 Web Design
Learn web production from the ground up, starting with raw HTML, web page styling, web animation and web site management. Heavy emphasis on the use of web standards and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for page/site design.

Creative works by Howard Eilers

Galveston Island Adventure

- One-man show.

Sunsets and clouds

- One-man show.

Institute for Applied Creativity

- Web site

Visual Studies TAMU

- Web site

Woodstock Animal
site page

Youth Adventure Porgram
site page