John A. Bryant, Ph.D., P.E.

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Mechanical Electrical Student Association at American Airlines Center in Dallas

Texas A&M University

OFFICE: Langford Architecture, Bldg. C, Room 305C,  PHONE: (979)-458-1058, Fax: (979)-862-1572

You may select from the following topics:

 REDBALL.GIF (871 bytes) Background Information

 REDBALL.GIF (871 bytes) Mechanical and Electrical Design and Construction Links

 REDBALL.GIF (871 bytes) Environmental Control Systems I, COSC - 325 (Spring, 2005)

                Downloads for COSC 325

 REDBALL.GIF (871 bytes) Environmental Control Systems II, COSC - 326

 REDBALL.GIF (871 bytes) Eisenhower Leadership Course, Spring, 2005

 REDBALL.GIF (871 bytes) Specialty Construction, COSC - 674

            ASEAM 5.0 Download Site

 REDBALL.GIF (871 bytes) Research Interests

If you have any questions regarding classes or research, please feel free to contact me via phone, fax, or e-mail.